Speech & Language Therapy for Schools and Nurseries

Speech & Language Therapists in Schools and Nurseries

Struggling to meet the Speech, Language and Communication needs of your school or nursery? Let us help. At SpeechWise, we’re able to provide support and intervention for children who have been identified as having SLCN and for those who have not yet been assessed but may be at risk of communication difficulties.

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Assessments and Whole Class Screening

We offer early intervention screenings for new intakes at both schools and nurseries, whole class screenings for children up to 16 years old, as well as more in-depth assessments for individual children who have been identified as having difficulty with their speech, language or communication. Once the initial assessment screenings are complete, we will be able to advise with next actions – this may vary from arranging group therapy carried out by the school and overseen by one of our team members to the development of individual programmes.

Therapy & Intervention

1:1 sessions can be delivered as part of a school service. If there are children who need specialist help after the initial assessment, we will see those children ourselves for regular 1:1 or small group therapy/intervention. Depending on the needs of the children, there are varying degrees of direct involvement we will have regarding intervention or therapy. We may work indirectly with a school by training a TA to carry out the intervention designed by us or may work with schools on whole class strategies and interventions. Each school’s SpeechWise SLT will agree on the different priorities and approaches with your school’s SENCO.

Working with SENCOs

SENCOs and SpeechWise therapists work together to jointly manage the SLCN of the children in schools. We are available to provide any assistance needed to identify and help children with SLCN. This activity can range from screening a whole class/group of children to working with children whom the SENCO or teachers have identified as having difficulties. The SLT will then work with these children to assess their needs and put in place relevant interventions. The SENCO and SpeechWise therapist will also look at the wider environment of the school for opportunities to support the development of communication skills for all children and ensure that staff are empowered to provide the necessary support. 

Teacher Training

We offer a range of bespoke speech and language training to ensure your staff meet the necessary Ofsted standards. We specialise in helping teachers identify difficulties, as well as teaching staff strategies to develop communication skills in children. As teaching is predominantly delivered via verbal communication, introducing these strategies helps improve general academic attainment and allows children to understand and express more complex ideas.

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We can have a qualified Speech and Language Therapist in your school or organisation as soon as you like, as often as you like, for a long as you like. Get in touch to find out more!

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